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Matzavim offers training to assist managers in acquiring skills and management tools to achieve better results from the organization's entire workforce. We also train managers to better cope with employees who are experiencing a problem affecting their functioning at work.
Matzavim offers training through lectures and workshops on various topics for the benefit of the managers and the employees alike. We offer several training formats, including: lectures, workshops (lasting half a day or a full day or as a series of lectures), webinars, and more.

Training for Managers 

Matzavim offers varied training programs, designed specifically to assist the managers in coping with several situations at the workplace, such as:

  • – Managing employees experiencing a personal problem
  • – Conflict management
  • – Change management
  • – Establishing a safe working environment
  • – Dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace
  • – Coping with bullying and violence at the workplace
  • – Soft Skills for managers
  • – Communication skills
  • – Relationships based management

Building organizational resilience: we instruct managers to assist them in preventing unexpected crisis situations from escalating to a complete organizational standstill.

Training for employees' representatives / committee members

On how to handle employees' personal issues and problems at the workplace.

Training for the employees and their families

  • Work / life
    • Coping with life cycle events
    • How to balance your career and your home-life
    • Family and work in an unstable world
    • managing the family as a business unit
    • Double career families.
  • Living a healthier life
  • A variety of lectures on leading a healthy life.
  • Effective parenting
  • Lectures offering instruction on various topics related to parenting.
  • Guidance regarding couples and family relationships
  • Lectures on a variety of related topics.

And many more tailored training as requested.

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