A Leading EAP Provider in Israel


Matzavim Ltd. is led by its founder and General Manager, Ada Divon, since its establishment in 1996. Matzavim prides itself on the nationwide top-quality Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) services it provides. Among its many clients are global and national high-tech, industrial, finances, retail and trading companies. Being the Israeli service provider for global EAP companies for many years now, Matzavim's working procedures and models comply with the standards of the leading service providers in the EAP field world-wide.
Matzavim's uniqueness lies in the special model we developed, offering a comprehensive services package which caters to all the organizational EAP needs in addition to providing tools and solutions for managers and HR personnel. We perfected EAP to fully support our clients' growth and success by helping our clients' employees in times of need and when coping with a variety of personal issues. We also guide our clients in the important task of promoting organizational resilience in order to prepare, as much as possible, for emergency and crisis situations before the event.
Our core values guide us in all our interactions with our clients. Therefore, Matzavim can guarantee integrity, accountability, professionalism and leadership in all its activities.

Our services:

EAP services
Matzavim provides 24/7 telephone counseling as well as face to face counseling and treatments to assist in coping with any personal and emotional difficulty its clients encounter, including assistance with situations unique to the Israeli society.

Work/life services
Our experts provide legal and financial information as well as information regarding work and life issues, elder care, etc. They can also refer to the relevant authorities for further treatment as needed.

Crisis intervention, CISM, immediate emotional assistance and response at the individual, managerial and organizational levels.

Intervention in situations of national security crises
Our staff is experienced in treating national security crises and can provide support and assistance to foreign nationals currently residing in Israel for work purposes as well as to the Israeli personnel of international companies. The services offered include meeting with employees and managers, house calls and emergency phone and on-site support, as needed.

Management consultancy
Management consultation and organizational support regarding: change management, crisis situations, helping employees in distress and in times of personal crises.

Training and workshops
Matzavim offers lectures and workshops on various topics for the benefit of the managers and the employees. (For more information please click here)

Building resilience and preparation for crisis situations
Matzavim assists companies in establishing organizational resilience and in re-building its resilience following crisis situations. (For more information please click here)

Our Staff:
Matzavim's team consists of highly qualified counsellors and therapists specializing in short-term counseling, in CBT and EMDR and in other forms of treatment when needed. They are all certified by the Israeli authorities, hold (at least) a Master's degree (where relevant) and have intensive hands-on clinical experience. Matzavim's professionals were all carefully screened and are being closely monitored and guided by Matzavim's management at all times. Matzavim provides services in various languages as specified by our clients.