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At any given time, according to statistics, the professional capabilities of at least 10% of an organization's workforce are impaired due to personal crises and problems at home or at work. Matzavim offers a variety of services to assist and support the organization while helping its employees deal with personal issues or problems at work, covering the whole range from small-scale assistance to individual employees or managers to providing support to the organization as a whole.

"In House" Crisis Management Tools

At Matzavim, we believe that, in many cases, the organization's managers and HR personnel have the ability to handle crisis situations in-house. To successfully do so, we provide the organization with all the necessary tools:

  • Crisis Management Tools – digital instruction programs, providing practical tools for identifying and effectively handling crises at the push of a button.
  • Lectures and Workshops – teaching manners of treating crisis situations using practical tools, case studies, real-life examples and simulations. (click here for more information)

EAP Services

Matzavim provides 24/7 telephone counseling as well as nationwide face to face counseling, crises interventions, CISM (see below) and treatments to assist in coping with personal and emotional difficulties, relationship issues and family matters. Located in Israel, Matzavim's staff also gained extensive experience treating terror victims, post-trauma and people dealing with the effects of military service. We also specialize in assisting new immigrants and employees who relocated to Israel in bridging multicultural differences and handling situations unique to the Israeli society.

  • Problems at the workplace such as bullying and sexual harassment.
  • Retirement and redundancy – Instructing managers on best practices when managing redundancy processes. Helping employees who retire or are being fired to cope with the change and to prepare for the next step.

Work/life Services

Our experts provide legal and financial information on topics such as budget management, debts, bankruptcy, divorce, guardianship, etc. as well as information regarding work and life issues, elder care, etc. In addition, they can provide general information on personal and family matters. They can also refer to public and governmental sources and to the relevant authorities for further treatment and assistance as needed.

Crisis Intervention

CISM and emotional emergency assistance is offered at the organizational and the individual levels. Matzavim's staff offers professional support and treatment in times of national security emergencies (such as war, natural disasters, etc.) or when crises such as the death of an employee occur. We assist the employees in the emotional recuperation and in re-establishing the ability to cope and get back to proper functioning. The professional assistance in crisis situations includes meetings with the company's managers and employees, house-calls and a telephone consultation 'hotline', as needed.

Management and HR personnel consultancy

Management consultation and organizational support on a variety of topics relevant to coping with employees' personal and professional problems.

Training and workshops

Specifically designed for managers and employees (click here for more information)

Preparation for emergency situations

Emotional and practical advance preparation for emergency situations on the organizational and personal level.

Building organizational and personal resilience

We instruct managers how to prevent unexpected crises situations from escalating to a complete organizational standstill. We also train employees in order to strengthen their abilities to cope with unexpected crises situations (click here for more information)