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"Being prepared for the future – building Resilience"

The terms Emotional Resilience and Organizational Resilience refer to the person's or the organization's ability to cope with stress and crisis situations, recuperate quickly, return to the previous level of functioning and even emerge from this situation stronger than ever.

Matzavim helps employees and organizations build resilience. The purpose is to prepare, as much as possible, for emergency and crisis situations before the event (prevention) and not just act once the crisis has already taken place. However, as in most cases, the distress-inducing and crisis situations are impossible to prevent, when the employees and the organization invest in training and preparation before the event, the impact of such situations will be less significant and the ability to recuperate and get back to full functioning and even to growth will improve significantly.

Matzavim developed a special method and the tools required to assist its clients with the establishment and strengthening of personal and organizational resilience through training, lectures, workshops and the provision of tools for the employees, the managers and the HR managers.

Do you want to strengthen your organization, promote its resilience and be prepared for crisis situations?

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